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ProPoor is an internet portal that provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. ProPoor is not a funding organization. As we create a platform to match resources with needs, we hope to rekindle the spirit of service in individual hearts around the globe.

South Asian Development NewsJun 24, 2018
China India Border Dispute and the Envirnoment

Almost half the world population and 20% of its economy depend on Himalayan rivers. China and ...

Another SEZ Exemption

On 27 April, the environment ministry issued an Office Memorandum (OM) clarifying how projects operating within ...

Scythe: Making Harvesting Easier

Vikap Tech, that won the Millennium Alliance Award recently, makes an innovative tool called Scythe. It ...

Veg Waste From Chennai Market Powers a College Kitchen

Compared to towns and villages, the waste burden of metropolitan cities is not only moving forward ...

Affordable Housing Needs Better Processes

The plan to build 20 million affordable houses in India by 2022 means constructing close to ...

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"Signs of Light": Good News From South Asia

Seeds Man
Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade, the legendary plant breeder who created at least nine varieties of rice passed away recently. He freely shared his seeds and never profited financially from his genius.

Turtles Swim on in Temple Tanks
eDNA extraction has confirmed the presence of rare freshwater species in temple ponds in Assam.

Tamil Nadu to Ban Disposable Plastic
The State government on Tuesday announced a ban on manufacture, sales, storage and usage of disposable plastic across State with effective from January 1, 2019.

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